2010 Malibu Response LXi for Sale

2010 Malibu Response LXi for Sale

Update: We were successful in selling our Malibu Response LXi. I almost teared up as I watched it drive away attached to someone else’s SUV. Thank your for the interest and comments.

After seven seasons of enjoying our 2010 Malibu Response LXi, we are selling it. There, I said it. Sometimes it’s not easy to part with a great boat even when you know there’s another on the horizon. Selling our boat is that way.

We bought this boat to be a no-compromises ski machine with a few compromises for tubing and wake boarding. I know; that makes no sense. We had been in a Wakesetter VLX when we found ourselves on a private lake with a slalom course. It didn’t take much to realize that even though we had thought the Wakesetter was a good ski boat, we wanted more. Well, actually we wanted less.We wanted less wake. We wanted less width. We wanted less open-water. We wanted a ski boat – a thoroughbred meant to do one thing well.

As we looked at the options, we realized that despite wanting to be able to ski better – because a boat will make you do that, right? – we also needed to be aware that we had families who would want to do things other than hard-core buoy bagging. As a result we landed on the Malibu Response LXi. With the Power Wedge option, we could put up enough wake for the level of wake boarding we would need. It wasn’t a pro-level wake, but it kept our beginner to intermediate level friends happy, especially when we linked it up with a tower. Sure, both of these options added a few pounds to the boat, but it turned out to make very little difference in the skiing and open up a lot more use of the boat. As we put it together, this was the logical progression from a V-drive to a direct-drive boat. We could have the best of both worlds, with the focus more on skiing. 

Changing Needs

But after seven seasons and 357 engine hours, we find our needs changing again, so we bid farewell to this amazing boat. The tower creates some great storage possibilities, but with a private dock we don’t keep that much on the boat. So, I’ve often forgotten the storage under the seats and under the dash. The stereo – including the tower-mounted speakers – is amazing, but our forays onto the water are short enough that we don’t take the time to fire up the Sirius or connect an iPod most of the time.

Our History

This boat has gotten us through early- and late-season runs with the cabin heater and heated driver seat. The ZeroOff speed control has let us focus on improving as skiers and drivers rather than fidgeting with the throttle all the time. (And I should mention has given my wife the confidence to pull me.) We’ve found that our focus on skiing has pulled us away from using the MaliView presets for wake boarding or wake surfing, even though they are sitting right there for us to use.

Forgotten, but Loved

I rarely have thought about the Monsoon 350 engine that powers the boat. I just know that it pulls me up quickly and has been a stable companion for all seven years. I can only think of a few times when we’ve had to open up the cover to remember the engine at all. One has been to replace an impeller – a DIY project with a $20 part from the dealership – and the other has been to open up the quick-release drains on the engine during cold weather so we can push the season just that extra few weeks into October or November. Beyond hat we’ve just let the dealership take care of the annual oil change, winterization – and what should I call it summerization? de-winterization? – each year.


I guess we’ve babied this boat the whole time we’ve owned it. After every use it gets a rub down with Babes despotting solution. It’s stored above the water line at the dock all summer, and in a temperature controlled garage all winter. The mooring and travel cover has kept the dirt and dust out. It doesn’t look its age. The silver metallic accents in the gel coat still sparkle. The black is still stark. The white is still vivid. About the only place you can see some age is a bit of discoloring on the sun deck over the ski locker. Maybe that’s one reason it’s hard to let go of this boat. It seems like it’s newer than it is.


When we first picked this boat up one of the first things we noticed was the amazing trailer. It has the full lighting package, chrome accents (that still shine today)  and some sweet low-profile tires that just catch your eye. The surge brakes, swing away tongue,  and full-size spare tire were icing on the cake. It definitely complimented

This is the boat that I used to first run the full slalom course. This is the boat that my brother and nephew each trained on to enter their first competition. This is the only boat my son has ever known, and the only boat my daughter can remember. We’ve taken it on week-long vacations to Lake Powell. We’ve used it for church youth outings. But recently, we’ve kept it in the safe confines of a private ski lake where it never journeys far from its dock.

Your Turn

I guess that it’s been a part of the family that’s pulled the rest of our family closer together. And now it can be that for your family as well.

I guess that what I mean when I say, “2010 Malibu Response LXi for Sale.” I want for this boat to continue to bring a family and their friends closer together. I want it to help someone else take their skiing to the next level. I want it to continue to be loved  and used for years to come by someone who wants to get a great boat at a great price.

So, there, I said it, “2010 Malibu Response LXi for Sale.”

5 thoughts on “2010 Malibu Response LXi for Sale

  • 27 February 2017 at 6:58 am

    I am interested in your boat. I am getting ready to buy a Mastercraft, but I would rather buy from you. I sent you an email last night. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

  • 3 March 2017 at 10:42 pm

    Is she still for sale? Our family would like a turn!

    • 10 March 2017 at 5:08 pm

      We did sell the Malibu. I’ve had a deposit on it for a few weeks until the buyer could come in town to test it out. That happened today, and he drove away with a bit of my history.

  • 10 March 2017 at 1:06 pm

    What private lake do you normally ski at? Last Chance Lakes???

    • 10 March 2017 at 5:02 pm

      Yes, we do spend most of our time at Last Chance Lakes.


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