Beating Back Pain for Water Skiers

Beat your back pain with Opti-Stretch to water ski longer

From my teenage years I’ve fought lower back pain while water skiing. A lot of this came from poor form, but it was made worse by my not taking good care of my back and core. When I learned about Opti-Stretch, it struck me that I may have finally found a solution. Terry Murray, the owner of Opti-Stretch, has been a water skier and wake boarder. She teaches people how to repair the muscles involved in back pain so they can not only heal, but heal stronger than they originally were.

Our interview covered topics from Monday morning back injuries at work, to the risks in every career to create recurring strain that can lead to back pain and weaknesses.

Opti-Stretch versus Recurrent Back Pain

Opti-Stretch is a stretching and strengthening program designed my Dr. Ed Neil, MD. Dr. Neil was working in a pain clinic when he found his own back pain was debilitating to him. He set out to find a program that would create a long-term solution to back pain. As a result, he created Opti-Strecth versus Recurrent Back Pain, and wrote the book. This is a program designed to let you self-direct your healing process and bring yourself back from injury stronger than when you left the sport, rather than plagued by doubt and lingering pain.

Interview Highlights

During the interview we talk about stretching before or after exercises, and the pendulum swings that have occurred with that over the past decades. We talk about how proper stretching and strengthening can support degenerating disks and reduce pain from that disease.

If you ever find that your sets are cut short because you have pain in your back, this information could be helpful for you.



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