Keep mice off your houseboat

Keeping Mice Off Your Houseboat with Offboard

Art Onweller, inventor of the Offboard.

Art Onweller created the Offboard after having a mouse crawl across his wife while she was sleeping on their houseboat at Lake Powell. His invention is meant to be a more secure and permanent solution to keep mice off houseboats than what many boaters approach with styrofoam plates on their mooring lines. Art has created a plastic disk that mounts solidly on the mooring lines and won’t blow off in storms. He’s adapted his original invention to meet the needs of boaters with various size boats and lines.

The Offboard mooring line disk stays attached to your mooring line to keep mice off your boat.

The Offboard has been designed to meet the needs of boaters on inland lakes and ocean-going vessels. He’s even designed these for the Coast Guard to meet the needs they have to keep rats off their boats. The design is not an adaptation of a toy or a disposable plate. It is designed to be rigid and permanent. It is made with stainless steel to survive salty and wet environments. There is a solid closure mechanism with inserts to match the size of your lines. It is available in white or black.

These run $49.95 for the larger guard or $18.95 for smaller boats. You can order from their website, or call at 1-866-643-0353.

Art says it’s easy to remember the name. You invite friends onboard, but keep pests offboard.


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