Liquid Lumens Under Water Lights

Liquid Lumens Boat Lighting

At the Utah Boat Show I had the chance to learn about Liquid Lumens underwater lighting systems. Liquid Lumens uses a patent pending lens and power conversion system to get more light shining out the back of your boat than other lighting systems on the market today. What this means is that you can see your skier, boarder, or surfer longer as the sun goes down.

At one point in the interview we talked about their top-side lighting system and I commented on how bright it was. At that point, Rob turned the light up and let me know that the lights were fully dimmable, and that he’d been holding back on the output. The lights really were bright.

Liquid Lumens offers three underwater light options. Each comes with two lights and an installation kit. If you’re mechanically inclined you could probably do the installation yourself, or you may want to have your favorite boat mechanic do it for you.

You can find more information about Liquid Lumens in the Links below.

Utah Boat Show

The Utah Boat Show is going on at the time this episode is published, February 9 – 12, 2017. This year I’m again looking for unique products for water skiers and boaters. I’ve also seen some companies and people who I’ve interviewed in the past including UFloat, Dave Scadden Paddle Boards, and Defy Waterflight.

After the listener feedback I received about making water skiing more affordable, I’m also looking at the various options for affordable boats – or lack of options. I’ll bring a wrap up of that toward the end of the Boat Show episodes.


Liquid Lumens

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Utah Boat Show

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