Quietite Receiver Hitch

Quietite Receiver Hitch

When you think about it, you attach a boat and trailer that can be worth tens of thousands to over a hundred thousand dollars to a towing vehicle itself worth tens of thousands of dollars with really just a half-inch metal pin – costing only about ten dollars – to hold them together. Are you nervous yet? When I put it that way, even I’m nervous, and I only have to tow my boat twice a year.

What is the Quietite Hitch?

sbm-7-5k-2-c-pcQuietite has created an inventive solution that solves two problems associated with towing. The first issue is the rattle you hear with your hitch insert hanging around empty. It’s just rattling around back there being annoying. This is the smaller solution, but one that you will immediately notice. Through the unique locking mechanism that they’ve devised, the receiver hitch insert wedges securely into place eliminating all rattling. Actually now that I think about it, to my dad this may be the bigger of the two solutions: he hates rattles on his cars.

The second, and probably more critical solution is making the connection between your towing vehicle and your trailer more secure. While every hitch insert in the past has been held in place with just that single metal pin, the Quietite Hitch actually uses the wedging action of their design to attach the hitch mount securely to the vehicle. While they don’t recommend removing the pin, the design makes the pin almost a secondary security measure.

An Elegant Solution

Making both of these solutions happen with just a few twists of one bolt is an amazing and elegant solution. Even more elegant is the fact that when you’re ready to remove the hitch insert, just a few turns of the same bolt will loosen the wedged hitch making it easy to remove again. When you think about the money you spend on either side of the receiver hitch, it really makes the idea of spending a few dollars ON the receiver hitch seem like not only a reasonable, but sound idea.

Now, if they could just do something about the pain when I bang my shin on the receiver…


Quietite Hitch


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