Splash Mermaid Tails

Mermaids at the Lake?

Humor me here; I have a young daughter. Sometimes we say that she swims like a fish. But, I never knew that she could look like a fish as well until I met Oyuky Diaz, founder of Splash Mermaid Tails.

Splash Mermaid Tails

My attention was drawn to the bright colors and patterns in a booth at the Utah Boat Show earlier this year. This was not the standard insurance agent or jewelry cleaner that so often show up. This was something new. Something fun. There were mermaid tails and shark fins all over the booth.

As I talked with Oyuky, I learned about the various designs. All of the tails are designed for swimming. She says that they are safe to swim in, and can actually make a swimmer faster since they’re swinging a full fin instead of two measly legs. She showed me how they are easy to slip on an off when entering or exiting a pool or lake. Then we looked at the dozens of sparkling patterns and colors. It was a good thing that my wife wasn’t there to approve a purchase, or I would have walked out with a few right then.

Shark Fins

Then Oyuky showed me something for the boys, like my own son. She makes a neoprene-covered shark fin that they can strap on their backs and imitate the great predator of the deep around the pool or lake. (Just a note, I wouldn’t recommend using these fins in the ocean.) The fins provide a little floatation, but are not meant to be flotation aids.

The booth was a fun break after the vendor trying to convince me to buy a forever lacquer – or wax or something odd – to seal my boat against spray paint.


Splash Mermaid Tails

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