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Utah Boat Show 2015

This year marked the 50th Utah Boat Show. While I think that I celebrated this landmark more than the promoters did, there were some great things at the show. This is the first of four episodes highlighting new products, or upgraded precepts.


The UFloat isn’t designed for out-of-water use.

There were a number of brand new, surprising products at this year’s boat show. The UFloat was one of those. This is a life jacket designed for the inaction on the water. This is not a skiing PFD. This is a hang-out-behind-the-houseboat PFD. This is a day-on-the-pontoon PFD.

The UFloat pulls on like – okay, I’ll say it – a toddler’s pull up training pants. Out of the water it kind of looks like that, too. However, the function it serves is to let you float comfortably in the water without haveng your life jacket ride up into your arm pits and bounce off your ears. Admit it, you’ve had that experience while floating around your boat during down time

Hanging out in the water is where the UFloat shines.

Yes, they readily admit that for years we’ve turned our life jackets upside down and slid our legs through the arm holes. However, they say that this is more comfortable in the water and is designed for floating. I didn’t have a chance to float in one. I’m pretty sure the rail jam pool wasn’t deep enough to try it even if I had been in my suit.

The jury’s still out. It’s a clever idea that may provide the solution to a problem that you have.

The UFloat retails for $110 – a little steep for me personally – and you can learn more or buy one at www.theufloat.com.

On the Pond / Dave Scadden Paddleboards

Rachel, founder of On the Pond Fitness
Rachel, founder of On the Pond Fitness

It’s been a pretty mild winter here in Utah, so there were plenty of yoga pants around the boat show. However, I only noticed about three people using them to do yoga. One of them was Rachel, the founder of On the Pond Fitness. What could have been just another stand up paddle board booth caught my attention when I saw some acroyoga on a paddle board. So, I stopped to talk with them.

Locally On the Pond provides paddle board rentals and fitness training. They will bring boards to you, and give you instruction on paddle board yoga, including making sure that everyone does a handstand on the board before they’re done. Rachel says that she’ll travel anywhere someone wants to pay her to go. If you want to test that theory, contact Rachel and she’ll let you know.

Dave Scadden paddle boards
Acroyoga on a Dave Scadden paddle board

On the Pond also features inflatable paddle boards by Dave Scadden. These boards feature a lifetime warranty backed by manufacturing in the USA. Rachel tells me these are really stable boards, and they are easy to transport.

So, why feature paddle boards? Well, I constantly see them running up and down my lake between people’s sets. They’re a great way to get in some quick, easy exercise, and they’re fun for the whole family.

To leran more about On the Pond, visit their website at www.onthepondfitness.com. To learn more about Dave Scadden Paddle Boards, visit www.dsppaddleboards.com. You can watch a video of yoga on the DSP boards at http://onthepondfitness.com/#contact.

Tige RZR

This year, I looked more at crossover boats than direct drive thoroughbreds. As part ofthis focus, I was introduced to the Tigé RZR. It’s a 20 foot boat with the ability to lay down surf wakes or clean it up for a pretty clean slalom wake using the TAPS system.

Convex-V-Diagram1Like most corssove boats, the RZR is a V-drive, so there will be more bow rise and the boat will carry more weight at the back compared to a direct drive. However, for a family looking for one boat that will let them open water ski, and chase wake sports in the afternoon, a crossover is a good compromise. The shorter length of the RZR makes it easy to tow and store.

Tigé takes a unique approach to creating surf wakes with its AVX system which actually extends the hull when deployed rather than just adding a wing on the side. They say this pushes the surf wake back a few more feet and extends it.

To learn more about the Tigé RZR you can visit www.tige.com.

More to Come

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